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Dr. Z Photography believes that we achieve a little bit of immortality through photographs. I want to help you remember more of the everyday moments that make up your life through beautiful art that is as unique as your child & your family. Offering portrait sessions in studio and on location in Youngstown, Ohio and throughout Northeastern Ohio.


Hi! I’m Z.

I offer family and child photography throughout Northeast Ohio.

Q: Are you really a doctor?

A: Yes, but the other kind.

Harvard PhD Commencement, May 2010

Harvard PhD Commencement, Cambridge, MA, May 2010. Received my doctorate in American Religious History. The sleeping guy is my tired little pumpkin Hank (who was almost 2 at the time). I still have the same glasses, but I don’t always wear the hat.

This is what I looked like at my niece’s wedding, dancing with my son. If you hire me to photograph your wedding, I’ll have the big camera but not the kid. And I won’t be in the photos.

Z Kermani - Dr. Z Photography


Where I’ve lived:


When It Clicked:

Sometime in 2012, when my son Hank was about 3 and I’d taken approximately 50,000 photos of him and obsessively learned basic photography techniques, I realized that the thing that made me happiest was helping people make memories. As I keep learning & gaining more experience in photography, I have to say that having the opportunity to witness and document some of the happiest moments in people’s lives is the best job I can imagine.

The type of photography I love most is sometimes called “lifestyle photography.” I’m happy to give you and your family posing suggestions during your photo session, but my focus is more on watching for and photographing the characteristics, relationships, interactions, and emotions that make your child, your family, and your relationships unique.

 6 Random Facts about Me:

1. I am the kind of person who gets nostalgic for 10 minutes ago.

2. I love coffee, rain, and sad old country/alt-country songs about drinking, coffee, & rain.

3. My six-year-old son Hank is my favorite photo subject and the funniest, most awesome person I know.

4. I married my husband Dev on our 10th anniversary together at a campground near Boston. We’ve been together since 1996 (you do the math).

5. I am very shy…unless I’m behind a camera, when I turn into a raging goofball who lives to make children laugh.

6. I have a particular interest in children’s religious rituals (in fact, my PhD is in American Religions, and I wrote a book about children’s rituals in contemporary American Paganism). Contact me if you’re looking for a photographer for any kind of religious (or non-religious) event!


My goals:

I want to be immortal. I want you to be too. The only way I know to make that happen is through photography.


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