FAQ | Dr. Z Photography | Youngstown, Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at my session? 

I take a very candid approach to photo sessions because I want to catch you, your child, and your family just being yourselves. I try to keep children moving and talking to get the most natural shots. Please don’t worry if your child is not looking at the camera or “posing”! I will try to get any particular poses you want, but rest assured that even if it seems like your child or family isn’t being posed for photos, I’m getting as many images as I can of them being themselves! This is also true for family photo sessions–I will try for that shot of the whole family looking at the camera and smiling, but I think you’ll also love the photos that might look less “posed” but more like your real family!

Where can we shoot?

Dr. Z Photography shoots on location–in fact, we’ll shoot at nearly any location you like (within reason…)! We are constantly searching for natural backgrounds, urban settings, and everything in between for future photo shoots. Depending on your style and preferences, we can take photos at your home, in Mill Creek Park, in downtown Youngstown, or just about anywhere you can think of! (If you want to invite me up to photograph at a lovely spot on Lake Erie, for instance, I’m all over it.) If you have a place in mind, we’d love to hear about it. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your session location to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your personal style. 

What about props? 

Session props can really make a session pop. Feel free to bring any props you’d like to use, or let us know if there are specific types of props you want included in your photos! Incorporating elements you bring helps personalize the photographs. We can discuss these extras and props at your pre-session consultation and in the days leading up to your session. 

Our Process

A typical photo session lasts about an hour. We’ll take a lot of photographs over the course of that time, some which will become favorites to be proudly displayed in your home. After our session, we’ll go through all the photographs taken that day and choose the best ones to edit, retouch, and perfect. About a week after your photo session, we’ll meet again for your “reveal,” when you’ll get to see your photos for the first time and place an order for any prints or products you’d like. After this viewing and ordering meeting, you’ll also get a link to your online gallery. You can share this gallery with friends or family or use it to place any future 

What happens if my child freaks out? 

This is a completely normal fear. I have a 5-year-old, and I have seen my share of random kid freakouts! If your child is not feeling especially cooperative during a photo shoot, don’t worry! We can take a little break, allow you to calm your child down by talking/feeding/playing, and then take the appropriate steps to ease back into the session. Your photo experience should be fun for everyone involved, so I will never force photos, but I also won’t give up! Kids will often relax and enjoy the photo experience, given some time. If this looks like it just isn’t going to happen, we can reschedule for another day. 

Can I share the photos on social media? 

Please do! I love it when people share their photographs. You can share photos from your online gallery on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Please don’t crop out the logo, and link to the Dr. Z Photography webpage or blog when possible. Also, please remember that the watermarked images online and on Facebook are low resolution and will look awful printed, so please don’t print those images! 

Do you do mini sessions? 

Dr. Z Photography hosts several mini sessions throughout the year. I typically do holiday mini sessions, which make for great holiday greeting cards.  I also offer mini sessions for other holidays (like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day) and whenever the mood strikes. Mini sessions are usually 20-30 minutes long and involved styled settings and backdrops. You can expect to receive 5-10 images from a mini session. Stay up to date by following Dr. Z Photography on Facebook and checking the “Specials” section of the website! 

Do you give discounts for referrals? 

Yes! If you refer  a friend to Dr. Z Photogrpahy and they book a 60-minute photo session, you’ll get $40 off your next session. If you refer three friends, your next photo session is free! Oh, and if your friend says that you sent them, they’l get $25 off their first photo session! See the Referrals page for full information.

What happens after my photo session? How do I get my photos?

We will schedule a viewing and ordering meeting about a week after your photo session. At this meeting, you’ll see your photos for the first time and have the opportunity to place orders for any prints or products you’d like. This meeting is designed to ensure that you are able to order exactly the right prints and products for your family and your home. Please click on the thumbnail images below to see more information about the viewing and ordering session.