Giving Back | Dr. Z Photography | Youngstown, Ohio

Tiny Sparrow Foundation – for children with life-threatening illnesses

Flashes of Hope – for children fighting cancer

Preemie Prints – for NICU babies and grads (up to 1 year old)

Magic Hour Foundation – for people of any age fighting cancer

As part of my resolution to DO MORE GOOD in 2014, I’m proud to announce that Dr. Z Photography is volunteering with a number of organizations that provide free photography to families with various special needs. Please see the info below and contact the organization directy or contact me for more information on how to apply for any of these programs. All of these organizations have locations throughout the US, but if you’re in the Northeastern Ohio area, I’ll probably be your volunteer photographer!

Tiny Sparrow Foundation

Dr. Z Photography is an official Affiliate Photographer for Tiny Sparrow Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides free professional photography to families of children with life-threatening illnesses. I’m pleased to be affiliated with this organization and I’m looking forward to being able to contribute photographs and memories to these families.

Tiny Sparrow Foundation affiliate photographer | Dr. Z Photography | Youngstown, OH

If you know a family that would appreciate a free “Picture of Hope” photo session, please direct them to the TSF application form.

Flashes of Hope

I am also pleased to say that I will be working with Flashes of Hope this summer as a volunteer photographer with their Special Events/Camps Program. Flashes of Hope raises funds to accelerate a cure for children’s cancer while honoring the unique life and memories of every child fighting cancer.”

Preemie Prints

Another amazing organization that I’ve just started volunteering with is Preemie Prints, which provides free photo sessions and digital images to families with babies in the NICU or NICU graduates. If you know a NICU (or NICU grad) family that would appreciate the gift of free newborn/child photography, please contact the organization directly. If you are in the Northeastern Ohio area, I will probably be your photographer!

Preemie Prints has an awesome searchable map of locations where they have photographers. You can access it (and apply for a photo session) here.

Magic Hour Foundation

Magic Hour Foundation provides free portrait sessions for people of any age who are currently receiving treatment for any type of cancer or who have been cancer-free for less than two years. You can apply for a Magic Hour photo session or nominate someone to receive a free session.



Please consider supporting these organizations (or others like them)–they do wonderful work for children and families faced with life-threatening illnesses. If you’re interested, you can donate online directly to Flashes of Hope, Tiny Sparrow Foundation, or Preemie Prints.