Ordering Prints | Dr. Z Photography | Youngstown, Ohio

Why order professional prints? 

You booked a photo session. You had a fun, relaxed portrait experience. You have an online gallery full of original, individually retouched images that capture moments you want to remember forever: that little curl to your baby’s hair; your four-year-old’s silly, happy, grin; the look on the groom’s face during the first dance.

Let’s say you leave those images on your computer or your phone. You look at the digital images once in a while, and you show friends the (tiny) photos on your phone.

Where will those photos be in 50 years? Or 100 years? Will your children be able to enjoy them when they’re adults? Will your grandchildren have those photos to hold in their hands and hang on their walls? 

Professional prints on archival paper are more than just original, one-of-a-kind art. They’re part of your family’s legacy. 

Placing your print order

Print sizes

Prints are available in a variety of sizes. When you select a photo to purchase, you’ll see “best fit” options for that image. However, you can order prints of any size–all print orders are individually checked and approved before they’re sent to the lab. 

This page has a great comparison of print sizes. Most people think of an 8×10 print as “the big one,” but an 8×10 is not a wall-size print–you’ll barely be able to see one 8×10 on your wall. If you’re looking for a photo to hang over the couch, a 16×24 or even a 24×36 may be a better choice. 

Paper choices

Photos can be printed on e-surface color paper or true digital B&W paper. E-surface paper is the most popular paper choice and is a good choice for all photos. It has a matte finish. This paper provides excellent color and saturation, bright colors, and good skin tones. The standard longevity for this paper is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage. True digital B&W is ideal for black & white photos, with rich blacks and no color tints. (Black & white photos will also look great on the e-surface paper, though!)

Fuji pearl paper is available for photo books, albums, and greeting cards. It offers a unique, shiny, pearlescent surface (but I think it’s too shiny to be framed under glass…which is why I don’t offer it for prints. If you’d like to print photos on this paper, let me know and I can make it available to you).

Finishing & mounting

Lustre coating is a finishing option for all prints. It protects against fingerprints and UV exposure.

Single- or double-weight backboard is a rigid, lightweight art board added to the back of the print. It has a smooth white surface and a white foam center. Backboard gives the print extra support and preserves its value over time. Single-weight backboard is 1/16″ thick. Double-weight backboard is 1/8″ thick (for larger prints).

Foam core mount provides extra support for framed prints compared to regular backboard. Images mounted on 3/16″ foam core are easy to frame and do not warp or bend over time. 

Standouts are photos mounted on thick, lightweight Gatorfoam edged in black or white trim. They are ready to display and are a lovely way to feature your favorite prints on a table or mantle. 

Canvas gallery wraps present your images on art canvas and professionally wrapped around a 1.5″ thick wooden stretcher frame. These canvas gallery wraps arrive ready to hang. 


If you have any questions about ordering prints or products, please contact me!