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Referral Program

If you’ve spent any time around my Facebook page or in the galleries of this website, you’ve probably figured out that I think friends and family pretty much ROCK. 

And as far as photography goes? The only thing I like better than a happy client is a happy client who tells their friends and family how much they love their photos! 

So I’m happy to announce that Dr. Z Photography is (officially!) launching a referral program! This program is available to all previous clients who have booked and completed any kind of session. 

For every client you refer who books and completes a photo session, you will receive a credit toward your next sitting fee! 

  • Earn $20 for a mini-session referral!
  • Earn $40 for a full session referral (child, family, boudoir, or senior portrait session)!

And yes, this offer is cumulative, so you earn bigger rewards by referring more friends, family, and coworkers! 

Refer 3 people who book and complete full (60-minute) sessions and get a FREE 60-minute portrait session!

(If you’re a previous client, you don’t have to do anything–your reward is already recorded. Message or email me if you want to know how much is in your referral account!)

Thank you! 


The fine print: 

  • You can refer as many people as you like–there’s no limit on the amount of referral credit you can receive. 
  • Referral money cannot be used for past session fees.
  • The person/people you refer must book, pay for, and complete a photo session. 
  • Your friend/family member/coworker/mailman/barista should let me know that you referred them.
  • Referral credit is not transferable to another person. 
  • Referral credit is not redeemable for real cash money. It’s only good for credit toward a future photo session. 

Contact me to check your current referral bonus amount or to book a session!